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  • The Planning Phase focuses principally on required project planning work. It is the most important and fundamental stage.Getting ready for the quality affirmation necessities and identification of the risks associated with the task is likewise done in the planning stage. The result of the specialized feasibility study is to characterize the different specialized methodologies that can be taken after to execute the task effectively with minimum risks.


    Effective finish of the Planning Phase should comprise:

    • Assessment and depiction of the acquisition administration procedure.
    • Elaboration and refinement of the project scope, risk, schedule and costs.
    • Assessment and portrayal of activities to organize all significant backup arranges.
    • Definition of strategies for how the undertaking will be executed, observed, controlled, and closed.
    • Planning the future game-plan.
    • Development of the Project Management Plan(s) (PMP).
    • Approval to advance to the Requirements Analysis Phase.


    The reason for the Planning Phase is to arrange all project process and exercises required to guarantee venture achievement and to make a complete set of plans, known as the PMP, to manage the project from this stage until task end. The PMP must include the following subsidiary plans:

    • Scope Management Plan.
    • Schedule Management Plan.
    • Cost Management Plan.
    • Quality Management Plan.
    • Staffing Management Plan.
    • Communication Management Plan.
    • Risk Management Plan.
    • Procurement Management Plan.
    • Change Management Plan.