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  • There's no getting around it. Keyword research is a vitally important aspect of your search engine optimization campaign. If your site is targeting the wrong keywords, the search engines and your customers may never find you, resulting in lost dollars and meaningless rankings. By targeting the wrong keywords, you not only put valuable advertising dollars at risk, you are also throwing away all the time and energy you put into getting your site to rank for those terms to begin with. If you want to stay competitive, you can't afford to do that.

  • The keyword research process can be broken down into the following phases:

  • Phase 0 - Demolishing Misconceptions

  • Phase 1 - Creating the list and checking it twice

  • Phase 2 - Befriending the keyword research tool

  • Phase 3 - Finalizing your list

  • Phase 4 - Plan your Attack

  • Phase 5 - Rinse, Wash Repeat

  • Keyword research is a fundamental part of achieving pay-per-click and search engine optimization success. There's little debate among search marketing experts that identifying and optimizing for the specific words that people are typing into search engines is a crucial element of a successful search marketing campaign. But keyword research is a difficult process. In order to successfully market through search you need to :

  • • Continuously discover quality and goal-producing new keyword opportunities to create a competitive advantage.

  • • Effectively and continuously turn your keyword research into action.

  • • Make keyword research a supporting piece of your overall search marketing and keyword management efforts so that your researched keywords actually lead to profits for your business.

  • B-Flux Technology Pvt Ltd will help you to automate the process of extensive, perpetual keyword research, creating an environment of increased search marketing productivity and value for your company or client.

  • (Please note, this is not an entry on how to apply keyword research.). Keyword research should not be undertaken ad hoc. It is the foundation.for all natural search engine optimization techniques as the keywords finally selected based on search volume and likely ability to compete should be included in some, if not all, of the following SEO onpage elements, as well as in any anchor text backlinking to the relevant webpages:

  • * URL

  • * Title tag

  • * Metadata

  • * Headers

  • * Actual Content

  • * Navigation links

  • * Image names

  • * Alt attributes

  • B-Flux Technology Pvt Ltd, another noted SEO expert, simply states that keyword research is the bedrock of successful web page optimization

  • Uses of Advanced Keyword research

  • Business Research

  • * Product Research

  • * Brand Equity

  • * Competitive Intelligence

  • * New Market & Product Opportunity Identification

  • * Consumer Feedback

  • Social Research

  • * Political Topics

  • * Public Issues

  • * Celebrity Brand