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  • An internet/Intranet software solution plays a key role in today's quickly changing economic situations and innovation. The capacity to info, process, store, access, report information whenever, anyplace and from any device is poweringbusiness of today.

    Internet-> it is a world-wide system of interconnected PC systems which utilizes the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Each PC is recognized by a unique IP address. IP address is a kind of arrangement of numbers, which recognizes a PC’s area. Internet is available to each client everywhere throughout the world.

    Intranet-> it is a framework in which various PCs are associated with each other. PCs in intranet are not accessible to the world outside the intranet. Every PC in Intranet is likewise distinguished by an IP Address which is exceptional among the PCs in that Intranet.


    • Cross platform compatibility.
    • Easy of deployment and maintenance.
    • Accessibility of consolidated data in real-time on the move.
    • Increased flexibility with time and costs savings.
    • Enhanced operational efficiencies.


    • Client/Server application development.
    • Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).
    • Distributed application development.
    • Corporate document management systems.
    • Intranet search engine development.
    • Question-and-answer systems.
    • Internet/intranet collaboration tools.