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  • Implementation refers to thefinal process of moving the arrangement from advancement status to generation status. Depending on your project, this procedure is frequently called organization, go-live, rollout or establishment.The Implementation Phase has one key activity: installing and releasing the new system in its target environment.After this phase, the system enters the Operations and Maintenance Phase for the remainder of the system’s operational life.

    The Implementation Phase

    • Phase
      • Implementation
    • Deliverable
      • Code
      • Critical Error Removal


    Successful completion of the Implementation Phase should comprise:

    • Production installation and release.
    • Training of end clients on the framework.


    The motivation behind the Implementation Phase is to send and empower operations of the new data framework in the generation environment.

    Implementation Phases:

    Coding->Incorporates usage of the outline indicated in the configuration record into executable programming language code. The output of the coding stage is the source code for the product that acts as input to the testing and maintenance stage.

    Integration and Testing->Includes location of mistakes in the product. The testing procedure begins with a test plan that recognizes test-related exercises, for example, test case generation, testing criteria, and resources distribution for testing. The code is tested and mapped against the outline record made in the design stage. The output of the testing stage is a test report containing errors that happened while testing the application.

    Installation->in this stage the new framework is installed and rolled out.