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  • All the world is a stage and the internet is no exception. People are looking for diversions from their busy lives and a good entertainment website can be your key to fame and fortune. But, in order to create a successful website that entertains your audience you should follow some guidelines discovered by other webmasters.

  • If you are designing a website that is entertainment related, your audience is likely to expect and tolerate some slow loading times and novelty navigation. After all an entertainment website is expected to be novel. This makes it imperative that the content you are providing is worth it to your visitors.

  • Types of entertainment websites :

  • Celebrity websites - This type of website usually pays homage to a particular person of fame. Maybe it is maintained by an avid fan or just someone who finds enjoyment in providing information about the personage in question.

    Focus on the celebrity and avoid digressing unless there is a reason for doing so. Your visitors will want to know everything that you know about this person and also your views and opinions about them. You will have to do your homework in order to grow your site. Keep abreast of any and all aspects of the performers life and work, so that your visitors will learn something they never knew before about this person.

    Fashion your website to match the personality of your subject. Serious actors would be presented with dignity and aplomb, comedians with bright colors and whimsical graphics, etc. In general an entertainment website should entertain with in every aspect from graphics to content to text styles. The sky is the limit!

  • Game websites - Navigation is probably the most important aspect of this type of website. Finding the content that they are after is important to your visitors and the easier you make this task the better.

    If you require visitors to sign-up to use your site you must make it easy for them to do so. You can lose a lot of traffic to clumsy subscription forms and poorly defined subscription processes.

    Hone your programming skills. Good games require good programs and unless you are up to the job forget starting a game site. But, maybe you will be the lucky one who devises some innovative amusement that takes the Web by storm.