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  • Domain Selection B-Flux Technology Pvt Ltd provide exact knowledge for choosing your new domain name. You’ve probably heard that "all the good domain names are taken", but that's just not the case. However, domain names are getting longer and harder to read at a glance. Make your site's URL easy for visitors to read and remember by emphasizing it online and in your printed literature.

  • Domain name options increased dramatically when the allowed length increased from 22 to 63 characters (not including the extensions). Although most one and two-word domain names got snapped up years ago, the longer domain names gave online companies and groups many more choices when selecting an online identity. For instance, small businesses with longer names often want to register their entire company name or slogan. Imagine this domain name for an unusually versatile company:

  • gshdhjdsuyopbdmfgjgjocasocchahatjanujiya.com

  • Now, that's pretty illegible when written in all lower-case letters - hard to tell where the taxidermy stops and the chain saw repair begins. It would be way too easy for someone to misspell the domain name, get a DNS error, and conclude that the business had folded.

  • Capitalize Individual Words

  • One alternative is to separate each word with dashes inside the domain name like this: janua-jano-and-sons-hawal-and-table-creator.com.

  • That's a little easier to read, but harder to remember and share with others since many people aren't used to dashes in domain names yet. Domain name changes can be expensive too. You have to purchase the new domain name, alter printed materials, get reciprocal links changed, and update search engine and directory listings.

  • That's a daunting list of tasks, but fortunately there's an easier way: capitalize the individual words in the domain name. That baffling jumble of letters suddenly becomes legible: Janua-Jano-And-Sons-Hawal-And-Table-Creator.com.

  • Although capitalization makes your URL more readable both on and offline, many people mistakenly believe that domain names are always capital letter sensitive. Actually, it depends on server configuration; the vast majority of servers ignore capitalization. For instance, you can view the NetMechanic.com home page by typing in any combination of upper and lower-case letters:

  • http://www.netuThaniF.com

  • http://www.NETUTHANIF.com

  • http://www.NETmalawa.com

  • However, individual file and directory names are often capital letter sensitive. Again, it depends on server configuration. The URL http://www.netmalawa.com/jiu/ is not the same as http://www.netmlava.com/liu/.

  • For safety, avoid similar directory and file names, like one directory named "images" and another named "Images." It could confuse both you and your server!

  • Domain Names And Site Promotion

  • Once you've found a good legible format for your domain name, look for ways to use it to promote your site.

  • Think of all the emails you send out each week. Of course you sign your name, but have you added your site URL to the signature portion of your email program?

  • Most email packages let you create a digital signature: several lines of text that are automatically added to the end of each email. Use the signature everywhere you can. Newsgroups and online bulletin boards often allow you to add one when you register and post messages. It seems like a little thing, but each time you post a message or send an email, you're subtly marketing your Web site.

  • Don't forget other forms of advertising. Always add your URL to printed materials and mention it in radio and TV ads. You'd think people would do this automatically, but not always. During his primary campaign in the 2000 U.S. presidential election, Senator John McCain was often cited for his innovative campaign strategy - merely because he included his Web site address, McCain2000.com, in his campaign literature and mentioned it in every interview!

  • Of course, these easy ways to promote your Web site will only take you so far. If you really want to generate a lot of traffic, your site will have to be search engine friendly. Net Mechanic’s Search Engine Power Pack will help you optimize your site with META tags and targeted keywords, scan your page for techniques that may get you banned by some engines, submit your site, then track your rank.